You’re invited to join our next Embraced:Fully interview series Zoom call on Tuesday, January 5 at 6:00 pm Pacific

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CarlosAbout our next guest on Jan 5:

Carlos was sentenced to life in prison. During his incarceration, he found Christian Science and it changed his life in a truly dramatic way. You can view 2 short videos about his experience on the Light in Prison website: Part 1 Part 2

We’ll be exploring in more depth some of his experiences in prison, and even more important to the Embraced:Fully mission, we’ll be discussing what it was like when he was released from prison. Scheduled to complete his parole in less than 2 weeks from now (January 15, 2021), we hope to learn some specifics about how to best support people like him coming out.

Similar to our previous sessions in this series, David Fowler will be leading the interview, and you will be welcome to ask questions after the initial conversation concludes. As a courtesy to everyone on the call, please mute yourself if you’re not actively speaking. Hope to see you soon!


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Recap of our last Angel Team Working Group call on 12/15/20:
– Focus was on next steps to continue building our nation-wide network of volunteers & Angel Teams
– Requested volunteers for specific projects
– Gathering additional RCM contact information — we now have 9 in our database, up from 3!

Looking forward to seeing you on our next call!