David, Troy, Carlos, and Joseph at First Church, Altadena

Embraced:Fully wants to actively partner with your Institutional Committee to help you succeed in your ministry. We provide a clear roadmap of necessary and ongoing support for your Returning Community Members once they are released from prison or jail.

Christian Science Institutional Committees identify qualified Returning Community Members who would benefit from this active and ongoing support as they reenter society.

Our volunteer “Angel Teams” provide practical support including:

  • Release Day Pickup
  • Christian Science Mentoring and Introduction to Church Participation
  • Securing Safe and Stable Housing
  • Providing Transportation to Church Services
  • Developing Resumes and Finding Employment
  • Technology Training
  • Helping with Documentation Needs
  • Assisting with Financial Literacy

Our goal is to ensure that every Institutional worker knows that the Embraced:Fully Project exists, and stands ready to help qualified Returning Community Members receive immediate and ongoing support once they are released.