Embraced Fully is a non-profit organization devoted to supporting those  who found Christian Science while incarcerated with a support system to help them successfully re-enter society.    We accomplish this through faith-based volunteers who offer proven pre-release and post-release programs.

Our Vision:

A world where former inmates experience spiritual transformation and contribute to healing in society.

Our Mission:

In partnership and collaboration with others, support inmates in their spiritual journey for successful reentry with the assistance of Angel Teams who help find housing, employment, transportation, mentorship, community, and church connection.

How We Work:

Embraced:Fully, through its core of Christian Science “Angel Team” volunteers, continues the work started by the chaplains aiding the character transformation work as Returning Community Members (RCMs) begin to navigate their way back into society. While helping an RCM find housing, employment, the recovery of missing documents and transportation are immediate and essential needs, the Angel Team’s primary mission is to challenge and expose hidden personality traits that often surface as RCMs begin making choices for themselves. Here, the full embrace of love, a backbone of unflinching honesty and holding the RCM accountable, are key ingredients to their success and happiness. And while Angel Teams never attempt to convert RCMs into Christian Scientists, the genuine love and kindness they radiate best promotes its theology.


Embraced:Fully was founded in early 2020 to address the gap that exists between exiting prison and successfully reintegrating with society. Religious institutional work in many cases has traditionally not extended beyond prison walls. Embraced:Fully is the hand-off organization to assist with practical needs and resources for returning community members.