We welcome volunteers and interested returning community members to join the Embraced:Fully project.

Instructions: Please review the following forms, and if appropriate, fill out completely and return to us.

Embraced:Fully Pre-Qualification Form for Returning Community Members

This form is for Returning  Community Members who are interested in support from an Angel Team.  Please fill out this form completely and submit for consideration.  If accepted, you will be assigned an Angel Team (either a local one if already established, or our national remote Angel Team).

View printable form here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Koh54qHxyzhpxBsWGO1R_pX8sTMUeAyqAhPhweIf1ZM/edit?usp=sharing

Embraced:Fully Program Application for Returning Community Members

Once a Returning Community Member has been accepted into the Embraced:Fully program using the form above, they must fill out this detailed questionnaire form as completely as possible.  This helps the assigned Angel Team to begin to put into place specific helpful resources as needed.

View printable form here:

Request for Volunteers – Specific Tasks Form

This form includes many typical tasks that an Angel Team member or volunteer may wish to sign up for to help a Returning Community Member succeed.

View printable form here: