Next Embraced:Fully meeting tonight – December 15 at 6:00 pm Pacific

Embraced:Fully map

60%-70% of those released from prison return within 3 years.  Our mission is to help get the recidivism rate as close to zero as possible for participating Returning Community Members through direct support as well as providing training, mentorship and education for volunteers who share this goal.

Tonight’s Zoom call (December 15, 6:00 pm Pacific) is our monthly working meeting for Angel Teams and people interested in volunteering to either start or join one.  Angel Teams help returning community members succeed in not going back to prison or jail.

Our main focus tonight is building our national database of returning community members as well as those about to be released.

Agenda for tonight’s call:

  1. Introductions – Introduce yourself, where are you, are you currently or planning on working with any returning community members?
  2. Invite participants to share any progress updates or immediate challenges
  3. Show current version of national RCM database and resource map
  4. Projects Needing Volunteers:
    1. Volunteers Needed: Help build contact database of all known RCMs in the USA and also pre-release candidates (name, location, contact information.)
    2. 1-2 Volunteers Needed: Help build contact list for each official State Institutional Committee as well as informal groups and individual workers
      1. Point of Contact (ideally Chair / head person)
      2. First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone (mobile preferred)
      3. How many chaplains / volunteers do they currently have
    3. 1-2 Volunteers Needed: Build or source current contact list of all Christian Science churches in US
    4. 3-4 Volunteers Needed: Assist with building / vetting check-lists for different time frames
    5. 1-2 Volunteers Needed: Fundraising
  5. Set next meeting, wrap up meeting

Contact Us for an invite to our next Zoom meeting.