Next Embraced:Fully Angel Team meeting tonight – January 19 at 6:00 pm Pacific

San Quentin prison

60%-70% of those released from prison return within 3 years.  Our mission is to help get the recidivism rate as close to zero as possible for participating Returning Community Members through direct support as well as providing training, mentorship and education for volunteers who share this goal.

Tonight’s Angel Team Zoom call (January 19, 6:00 pm Pacific) is our monthly working meeting for Angel Teams and people interested in volunteering to either start or join one.  Angel Teams help returning community members succeed in not going back to prison or jail.

Tonight we’ll be discussing 2 returning community members who are scheduled for release in April.  One is being released in California from San Quentin prison, and the other is being released in Houston, Texas.  We’ll be focusing on the California RCM tonight.

Agenda for tonight’s call:

  1. Introductions – Introduce yourself, where are you, are you currently or planning on working with any returning community members?
  2. Invite participants to share any progress updates or immediate challenges
  3. Hear from chaplain Chris about man soon-to-be-released and what Chris needs to do in the pre-release phase….maybe review our “Pre-Release” checklist.
  4. Hear from Angela at Healdsburg church as to what resources they can provide, time they can devote, etc.
  5. Review our “The First 72 hours” checklist.
  6. Begin assigning Angel Team members to various roles
  7. Set next meeting, wrap up meeting

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