Join us for the next Embraced:Fully interview on Thursday, April 1, at 6:00 pm Pacific with special guest: Edward Bevilacqua, Director of Education at Novum-U

Edward Bevilacqua, Director of Education, Novum-U

Our next Embraced:Fully Interview Series call will be this Thursday, April 1, at 6:00 pm Pacific.  We’ll be recording the session in case you can’t make it.

About our guest for this call:

Edward Bevilacqua, Director of Education at Novum-U

Edward Bevilacqua is Director of Education at Novum-U, a business that helps prisoners become capitalists. Novum-U has five locations, including 3 in Southern NV and Reno. 1,000+ people gain valuable employment skills each year. He was a white House prison reform advisor. A graduate of Santa Clara University, he also has a law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Edward is a proud father of six children.

About Novum-U:

Novum-U removes the barriers to success, it’s a comprehensive 3-stage neuroscience-oriented program, for men and women, especially those with little or no prospects or resources, no money, no job, few skills, little education, no family or other support…   Students are placed in an environment where they have the time and means to learn the skills needed for success (and thus break the chains of recidivism).

  • Stage-1 (4 to 8 weeks prior to release, or the first 4 weeks after release) Students use computers for video training from experts in order to develop critical thinking, communication and practical skills needed for career employment (No cost to the prison or student);
  • Stage-2  (90-days post-incarceration) Novum-U provides housing and necessities (food, clothing, cellphone, bus passes, etc.); medical and counseling; foundational employment; and education in which students earn 8 general business certificates from top universities, learn 8 key Google Apps and obtain career-oriented employment ($175/week which is easily paid through Novum-U’s foundational employment);
  • Stage-3 (12-months after Stage-2) Career-oriented employment, housing, counseling and education focusing on 14 certificates related to their career (Easily paid through student’s chosen career-oriented employment).

Novum-U offers no participation awards, and no hand-outs; just students who work hard for a better life. Classrooms in Reno, Las Vegas and Nevada state prisons.

Read more about Novum-U here


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