Join us for our next Embraced:Fully interview on Thursday, December 2, at 6:00 pm Pacific with special guest: Carlos Cervantes

Our next Embraced:Fully Interview Series call will be this Thursday, December 2, at 6:00 pm Pacific.  We’ll be recording the session in case you can’t make it.

Carlos Cervantes, Anti-Recidivism Coalition Life Coach & Ride Home Program Manager Carlos Cervantes is Life Coach & Ride Home Program Manager for the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC).  We’ll be discussing tips and best practices for the ride home process, as well as issues to be aware of and how to prepare for this important part of the reentry process.

About our guest for this call:

Carlos has been involved with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) since its creation. Carlos strongly believes in being present with those being released from prison. In 2012, along with Michael Romano, Director of Stanford School of Law Three Strikes Project, Carlos co-founded the ARC Ride Home Program, which was nationally recognized by the administration of President Barack Obama and was awarded the Champions of Change Award. The New York Times Magazine has profiled Carlos for the Ride Home Program.

Carlos is currently ARC’s Ride Home Program Manager and Life Coach for the 2nd Chance Apprenticeship Readiness Program participants. Carlos was awarded the Empowerment Congress 2019 Emerging Civic Leaders 40 Under Forty Award by Mark Ridley-Thomas, Supervisor, Second District. Carlos is currently a John W. Mack Movement Building Fellow. He was recognized by Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti. Carlos sits on the Clothes The Deal Board of Directors

Carlos was featured in a Netflix documentary.  Learn more about Carlos and The Anti​-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) here:


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