Embraced:Fully Angel Team meeting on Thursday, November 18, at 6:00 pm Pacific

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Join us this Thursday, November 18, 6:00 pm Pacific for our next monthly Angel Team Zoom call.  Guests are always welcome!

This is a monthly working meeting for Angel Teams across the nation, and also people interested in volunteering to either start or join one, or participate remotely.  Angel Teams help returning community members succeed in not going back to prison or jail.

Agenda for the call:

Theme: Welcomes and Common Challenges (WE’RE GROWING FAST!)

  1. Introductions – Introduce yourself, where are you, are you currently or planning on working with any returning community members?
  2. Invite participants to share any progress updates or immediate challenges (Looking for a remote technology mentor for 1 RCM currently).
  3. Regional Angel Team updates.
  4. Welcome new members, Q&A discussion
  5. Team-Building Challenge: Introduce the Embraced:Fully website to 3 people you think might be interested before our next meeting, ask them to sign up for the email list.
  6. Confirm next meeting dates, wrap up meeting.


Contact Us or join our email list to request an invite to this Zoom meeting.

Our mission is to help organize, train, educate and enable Angel Teams across the United States to help prepare qualified returning community members for successful reentry.